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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Jesse Johnson – Be Your Man (1985)


We’re back in the 80’s for this week’s Throwback Thursday with Jesse Johnson performing Be Your Man on Soul Train in 1985.

Purple Rain did a lot for music and fashion, with the jheri curl getting another shout out (along with MJ in the same year and later Coming To America) and those big jackets. Amongst Prince’s harem of associated acts were Vanity 6 (and later Apollonia 6), Madhouse, The Family (who actually released Nothing Compares To You before Sinead O’Connor) and The Time. Their guitarist at the time, Jesse Johnson, went it alone in 1985 and released his debut album Jesse Johnson’s Revue which is where Be Your Man and this Soul Train performance came from. Jesse retained the look of Prince/The Time with his big shoulder pads and *that* hair but the music wasn’t quite on par with either act. Still, it performed relatively well in the R&B charts and sold 700k units.

Stream it below.