Larry Gus - The Blue Flowers (Between Blue and Blue) (Madlib Mix)

Producer Larry Gus put together a Madlib mix for Passion of the Weiss along with reasons for his love of the Loop Digga.

How can you not love Madlib? He’s either inspired your favourite producers or produced some of your favourite hip hop tracks of the last 15 years or so. One of his many admirers is Larry Gus, a Greek-born Italy-based producer signed to DFA Records who may well be on that list of “beat merchants inspired by Madlib”. He contributed a 54-track mix for a new Passion of the Weiss series called Inspiration Information, where musicians write about their muses and how they moulded their sound. There isn’t a tracklist I’m afraid but with 54 tracks, you’ll almost certainly find one of your faves in there.

Stream it below.

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