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Kei Kurono – Grooves

Kei Kurono – Grooves

After 8 years out, Kei Kurono returns with a new album called Grooves.

Kei Kurono – Grooves

7 years ago, we published a list of 5 awesome SP-303 albums. One of the artists featured was Kei Kurono and now he has a new album out.

It’s called ‘Grooves’ and was dedicated in loving memory of Kei’s dog Tiny who “showed him what unconditional love meant”. Besides the beats, Kei also played guitar on 3 of the tracks including ‘Rock Your Strut’, ‘Do As I Please’, and ‘Sunset Gander’.

Grooves contains a host of fuzzy vaporwave-esque cuts complete with tape distortion, loops, and 80s vibes. If you’re into that kind of thing—and I know there’s a lot of you out there—you’ll love this one. Good to see you back, Kei!

Stream it below.

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