Khruangbin on The Nostalgia Mixtape

The Texan trio spoke to Sama’an Ashrawi about music and life for The Nostalgia Mixtape.

My favourite band Khruangbin appeared on The Nostalgia Mixtape back in 2019 but I only caught it recently. Hosted by Sama’an Ashrawi, the interview delved into stories from around the world, as to be expected from the band, and how they all grew as people and artists.

And if you’re curious about the “biscuit-jam-egg-thing” Laura Lee mentioned in the episode, Sama’an explained in the comments:

As for the biscuit-jam-egg thing…. it’s my favorite move at a diner: chop a biscuit in half like a hamburger bun, put some jam on both biscuit buns, throw the eggs in the middle, and eat it like a sandwich!

Read the annotated transcript, follow The Nostalgia Tape on Twitter and Instagram, and stream the episode below.

Khruangbin Interview on The Nostalgia Mixtape

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