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Logic - Break It Down Feat. Jhene Aiko (Louis Futon Remix)

Louis Futon take us to the dancefloor with his latest remix of Logic’s Break It Down featuring Jhene Aiko.

2012 saw the reemergence of airy 80s synths in mainstream production, with the zenith arguably being Jessie Ware’s debut Devotion. But it seems amongst the Soundcloud conglomerate at least that early 90s house is the popular flavour for remixers and Louis Futon is the latest to catch our attention. His remix of Logic’s Break It Down is a pumping house joint cultivating the spirit of the late Frankie Knuckles. EDM might have gone off on its own tangent, far removed from its roots, but it’s nice to see some producers keeping it real and respecting the genre’s origins.

Stream/download it on SoundCloud.

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