Written by 10:08 pm Hip Hop

Stream IAMNOBODI’s Snapshots From Berlin On Bandcamp


IAMNOBODI drops a brand new album comprised of beats inspired by the German capital.

I know a couple of friends who have waxed lyrical about Berlin and judging by this release, I’ll have to add it to my list of cities to visit before I die. IAMNOBODI is the beat meister behind Snapshots From Berlin, a 10-track album inspired by the German city and much like Berlin’s eclectic architecture, the mood swings from the funky opener Welcome To Berlin to the uptempo future jam Schillerpromenade and a quick saunter into trap with Welcome To Berlin (Night) and Gretchen. The stylistics jumps are smooth and the musicianship stays consistent throughout with such a beautiful array of instrumentation.

Stream “Snapshots From Berlin” below and grab yourself a copy on vinyl. Only 250 available with 250 different covers, each numbered and signed by IAMNOBODI himself.