Written by 4:00 pm Hip Hop, Jazz

Lord RAJA – Nuh (Guliver)


It shouldn’t have taken us this long to get you some of Lord RAJA’s brand of epic sauce into your life but better late than never, as they say. If you don’t know who Lord RAJA is, peep Nuh (Guliver) right now and sleep no more.

Little is known about the beat-making supremo called Lord RAJA.  Apart from the absolutely mental beats he constructs, his whereabouts are unknown and there’s no in-depth (or even brief) bio to speak of on any of the social mediums he has a presence on.  Of course, we can allow that considering that his beats are crazy good and Nuh (Guliver) is a perfect example of what Lord RAJA is all about.  Nuh (Guliver) starts off as a cosmic trip-hop smash and then evolves into an outright jazz-inspired banger. Each sample used here makes a track that not only rocks you but also takes you on a rather psychedelic journey to a place that certainly isn’t earthbound.  Throw in a audio snippet from [what I think is] Gulliver’s Travels Beyond The Moon (a 1965 animated feature film) and there you have it.  Once you bump this track, I have a feeling you’re going to want to hear more.

DISCLAIMER: Lord RAJA is notorious for swapping out tracks on his SoundCloud page fairly quickly so don’t sleep on Nuh (Guliver) for too long.

Stream “Nuh (Guliver)” below.