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SATURDAY MATINÉE: Lost In Music - Drum And Bass Documentary (1996)

Lost In Music, an oldschool drum and bass documentary from 1996, is our Saturday Matinée feature presentation.


Drum and bass or jungle? Whatever you choose to call that oldschool vibe, the music was synonymous with the rave culture of the 90s and helped to bring out the careers of influencers such as 4hero, Goldie and Fabio and Grooverider. Apart from the classic music, you get to catch a glimpse of how the music was created at the time, particularly with now-old studio technology (shown by Timecode aka Moving Shadow creator, Rob Playford) and some DJing from Kemistry (RIP), Goldie, and a trip to Dollis Hill to see 4hero where Dego shows off his Rhodes playing skills and Marc Mac talks about how they were seen as drum and bass pioneers. It serves as a short but sweet reminder of a wonderful culture of music that has since changed in many ways as popularity has shifted to other genres.

Stream it below.

Lost In Music - London Jungle
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