How Did I Miss That: Madvillain’s Fancy Clown – Matthew Wood (Video)


British film maker Matthew Wood’s sinister video for Madvillain’s Fancy Clown raises the question “how did we miss that?”

Whilst watching a video featuring someone very close to me, I stumbled upon this fantastic video for Madvillain’s Fancy Clown. You may remember Stones Throw started a video contest in 2011 to celebrate the label’s 15th anniversary and this one managed to finish runner up. Written and directed by Matthew Wood, the eerie video follows the down-and-out clown through trees and fields, searching for… well, we won’t give it away. Wood claims the video is “a meditation on escapism, and the line between comedy and tragedy” which is portrayed brilliantly against the grizzly words of DOOM, a rapper all too familiar with the themes of comedy and tragedy in his own life.

Stream it below.

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