THROWBACK THURSDAY: Michael Jackson’s Ghosts


It’s Halloween so why not watch Michael Jackson’s Ghosts? The whole film is our Throwback Thursday this week.

Happy Halloween, folks! Whether you’ve gone trick or treating or stayed guarding your house from toilet paper and eggs, we all hope you’ve had a good evening so far. If you decided to stay in and watch scary movies, might we suggest something a little different? Michael Jackson’s Ghosts won’t exactly have you rushing behind the sofa but it’s packed full of Halloween’s favourite characters – ghouls, goblins and a moonwalking skeleton at one point. The short film stars Michael himself playing five roles, including a supernatural Maestro and portly man hell-bent on getting him out of the town. Yes, MJ plays a white dude in a fat suit. The film was co-written by Stephen King and directed by Stan Winston (Terminator, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Avatar) and not only shows Michael acting but dancing his ASS off in a number of fantastic routines. Thriller might be the default short film for Halloween but Michael Jackson’s Ghosts one is worth watching.

Stream it in its entirety below.

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