Review: Miraa May - The Beginning EP

We reviewed Miraa May’s The Beginning EP.

This time ’round I’m sat in the studio listening to The Beginning: an acoustic EP from the captivating singer and guitarist, Miraa May. Jhené [Aiko] has been known to purr over records because of her sultry tone, runs and melodies; Miraa pretty much does the same. (Do you understand how massive a compliment that is, though?)

The EP kicks off with ‘Are You Down’ and her falsetto during the hook is breathtaking. Jesus. There’s no doubt that this girl can sing. At times it’s hard to believe that Miraa’s British. The song ends with an abruptly cute, ‘wakey, wakey, sunshine’ and a coy giggle. Now, this will either make you a) smile your ass off or b) melt. If it does neither, something is seriously wrong with you and you need to see a doctor.

I genuinely didn’t intend for that.

Track two is called ‘Doctor’. I think I just won at life.

Anyway, great record. And my favourite. Nothing else needs to be said about this, as to take away from my earlier genius. ‘R.O.D.’ is the third, and one of her most popular songs. Her Reload Session got love from UK heavyweights Mike Hough, Maverick Sabre and probably a few more that I missed. It’s always good to have a few co-signs, after all.

‘Smile At The Moonlight’ takes the favourite song title award, although at this stage I’m kind of hoping for a pick-me-up over another ballad. Big picture aside, this is a good song and Miraa almost always shines when it comes to top lines. I wish the last song, ‘Take It Slow’, was made in 2004 because it would’ve been perfect as part of the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack.

This EP is uncompromising, fiery yet soulful without sounding overly polished. It’s stripped back and vulnerable, which allows another dynamic: bringing the listener closer to her. The girl. The raw expression. Nice.

Stream it on SoundCloud.

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