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WUBU2: Motel Eola

WUBU2 is a new feature where we catch up with the best labels and artists and see “what they’re up to”. London’s Motel Eola is our first participant.

Sometimes, labels and musicians move at the speed of light when it comes to releases and general news and as writers it’s hard to keep up. That’s where WUBU2 comes in. For the instant messaging veterans out there, “wubu2” stands for “what you been up to?”, a self-explanatory phrase but one synonymous with the high speed nature of the medium. Fitting, huh? Our first subject is Motel Eola and the London producer has had his hands in many hip hop pies of late.

KENO – Ms. Bad News (feat. Haz Solo)

Ms. Bad News, was produced for KENO’s the1derful and shows Motel on those fantastic soul flips of his, working around the vocal woos and keeping things rich in sound.

Olivia Louise – Save Me (feat. Jeffrey de Soul)

For Olivia Louise’s Save Me, things are slowed down and the tone becomes atmospheric thanks in part to the sultry voice of Olivia Louise and a great feature from Jeffrey de Soul.

Motel Eola & Taunts – Black Funeral

Black Funeral lives up to its name as Motel throws up another vocal flip coming straight out of the depths of the underworld and Taunts’ grizzly bravado.

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