Review: Gizmo - Red Balloon

Out this week is Gizmo’s debut album Red Balloon. I have to thank my girlfriend for this inadvertent recommendation. In fact, she didn’t recommend the album itself; she put me onto The Revivalist and this was one of the first posts I read about. Upon listening, I was right to be curious. It’s such a …


When Brit-Asians Picked Up The Mic

British Asians picking up the mic, back in the early 90’s was a big thing. At the time hip hop was commonly understood as the music of Black American youth with its roots in Harlem. The likes of Grandmaster Flash, The Last Poets and Public Enemy had been confidently and eloquently using the medium of …


Flying Lotus – Flotus

Fresh off the heels of his album release last week, Flying Lotus allowed Diplo to premiere one of his many unreleased tracks on Radio 1 during one of his mixes.

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Knxwledge – Wraptaypes.Prt4

I don’t know about you, but I’m losing count of all these new Knxwledge releases. The next instalment in his ever-growing is Wraptaypes.Prt4 which features another set of new instrumentals with added remixes done the Knxwledge way. Now, go ahead and stream it below and give it a download because I know you guys search …


Review: Blue Sky Black Death - NOIR + VIOLET

I’ll just get straight to it: Seattle, Washington’s own Blue Sky Black Death – the hip-hop production duo featuring Kingston and Young God – make the most beautiful beats in the world today.  No contest. As I’m sure many a-reviewer have [correctly] pointed out, so many producers aim for the cinematic, grandiose, emotive sound in …

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I Reminisce Over You - How I Fell In Love With Music & Hip Hop

A lot has happened to me in the past three years. I dropped out of university, rejected a graphic design scholarship, worked full time for a year, got rejected from a university and eventually went back to university (the same one that rejected me, but for a different course). Oh, and three different girlfriends as …