SATURDAY MATINÉE: Oskar Fischinger - Optical Poem (1938)

Something old and unique on this week’s Saturday Matineé in the form of Oskar Fischinger’s 1938 avant garde film, Optical Poem. To most of us music suggests definite mental images of form and colour. The picture you are about to see is a novel scientific experiment- it’s object is to convey these mental images in visual …

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Jamiroquai Live on MTV Europe


We watch Jamiroquai keeping it live and funky in 1995 on this week’s Throwback Thursday. It was Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and at the age of 43, he’s still going strong with the band who are currently working on a new album. For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we …

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12 Days of Early 90's Hip Hop - Day 12

12 Days of Early 90's Hip Hop

A sad day is upon us as we say goodbye to Christmas and 12 Days of Early 90’s Hip Hop but not before we hear from Gravediggaz… N****mortis/ 6 Feet Deep – Gravediggaz (1994) Produced by Prince Paul, RZA, & others Taking the final spot in the early 90’s countdown is an album I love with …

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SATURDAY MATINÉE: Stray Phrases - J Dilla's Donuts

dilla donuts

New York trio Stray Phrases perform J Dilla’s Donuts live in its entirety on this week’s Saturday Matinée. Covers of hip hop tracks are commonplace in music and jazz covers of hip hop are getting more popular but this one may have a special place in the hearts of Dilla fans (maybe even alongside Suite …

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12 Days of Early 90's Hip Hop - Day 11

12 Days of Early 90's Hip Hop

We’re nearly finished with our 12 Days of Early 90’s Hip Hop and on Day 11, we gaze into the horizon as The Sun Rises In The East in 1994… The Sun Rises in The East – Jeru The Damaja (1994) Produced by DJ Premier This is Premier’s first solo-produced LP outside of Gang Starr. …

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12 Days of Early 90's Hip Hop - Day 10

12 Days of Early 90's Hip Hop

The antepenultimate Day 10 of 12 Days of Early 90’s Hip Hop and we’ve finally leaped into the future. Well, 1994 anyway… NAS – Illmatic (1994) Produced by DJ Premier, Large Professor, Q-Tip, Pete Rock and others I previously proclaimed that Enter the Wu: 36 Chambers was the greatest Hip Hop album of all time, …