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MED & Gangrene - Run It


Stones Throw offer a free download of MED & Gangrene’s Run It. Frequent Madlib collaborator and Stones Throw member MED will have a new mixtape series for us all this year called Bang Ya Head IV and it’ll be available for free on Stones Throw (gosh, they’re good to us). While that’s still in the …

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Tay Devenny & The Distance Ensemble - Obulous

UK rapper Tay Devenny collabs with The Distance Ensemble to bring us something Obulous. The closest word to Obulous I could find was “obolos/obolus” which is an Ancient Greek silver coin. Whether this was intentional or not, this new EP from Tay Devenny and The Distance Ensemble probably holds more value than a small silver …

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Our One To Watch is Swedish-based designer, doodler and musician Djablo. Juan Fernando Maguid is a designer, artist, animator and musician from Sweden. He owns his own company, Temperamento, and he has worked with clients as big as Ericsson and EA. But I’m not here to talk about his business today. Under the guise of …

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Durrty Goodz - Ultrasound


We take a look at Durrty Goodz and his 2009 track Ultrasound. Once again, a big shout out to all you Samplefacers for all the love and support and the rest of the “Face Fam” for doing their thang! With that being said, I thought I would discuss a level of MC that is underrated and …


How Did I Miss That: Top 10 Worst National Anthem Performances

With Alicia Keys singing the National Anthem for at the Superbowl next month, we take a look at the top 10 worst national anthem performances. To sing your country’s national anthem in front of millions is nerve wracking. It really sets the tone, whether it’s for the Superbowl in the USA or a football (soccer) match …


Sampleface Five: Dub Music Samples


If you were hoping for a post on dubstep, you might want to look elsewhere. This is about dub music, an offshoot of reggae music originating in the 1960s but since developing into its own identity. It first began as a general sound centred around instrumental remixes of existing reggae tracks, where they were sonically reshaped and the focus was mainly …


THROWBACK THURSDAY: James Brown - Get On The Good Foot (Live)

James Brown - Get On The Good Foot (Live)

The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, takes to the stage for this week’s Throwback Thursday. When you watch James Brown perform, you can see why he was described as The Hardest Working Man In Show Business. Born in South Carolina, he grew up in extreme poverty but managed to pull himself out when he moved …

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The Auracle - Play Porous (insideMYBODY)

The Auracle - Play Porous (insideMYBODY)

Our very own The Auracle has started a beat series centred around the cartoon, Adventure Time. Warning: clear the area you’re sitting or standing in before reading this this article. All will be explained very soon. Play Porous (insideMYBODY) is the first part of The Auracle’s latest beat series, Into The Land of Ooo, where …


VIDEO: Motel Eola - Before Rap (The Visual Experience)

Motel Eola provides a video for Before Rap (The Visual Experience). Clips from Hey Arnold! are the best but when they’re in a beat video, that’s when you know someone has good taste in cartoons. Motel Eola is that someone, having chosen the visuals for Before Rap (The Visual Experience), a track of his last album Kids Looking …