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FREE DOWNLOAD: Starchild's Valentine's Day Mix


Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some jams to go with it. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Whether you have someone to share it with or not, don’t worry about the soundtrack. I’ve put together a selection of tracks from the likes of Prince, Floetry, Jesse Boykins III, J Dilla and more for your listening pleasure. …


VIDEO: Jeedo - One (Bling47 Breaks Dilla Edition)

Jeedo gives the rundown on Dilla’s One from Welcome 2 Detroit for Bling 47 Breaks Dilla Edition. Take a look at Waajeed’s face. That’s a common expression you’ll find from the video once you watch. The track under the spotlight this time around is One from J Dilla’s debut (under that name), Welcome 2 Detroit. …

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Teebs - for phil


Listen to Teebs’ ode to a “grilled cheese spot”. Sorry if that makes you hungry. How many songs do you know that are dedicated to grilled cheese spots? (Okay, that Elmer Fudd song doesn’t count). Luckily, Brainfeeder’s Teebs is at hand to fill the void with his new track “for phil”. As usual, Teebs comes …