Crate Digging - A Crate Digger's Guide

Ever needed tips on crate digging? This might come in handy. Crate digging is one of my favourite pasttimes. If you’re unfamiliar with the term or the concept, it’s basically vinyl record shopping. As vinyl is traditionally collected in “crates”, those who seek out the music are known as “diggers”. Nine times out of ten, …

Hip Hop

Potatohead People - Back To My Shit (feat. Frank Nitt)

Potatohead People - Back To My Shit (feat. Frank Nitt)

Canadian producers Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical form a coalition called Potatohead People and drop the funkadelic “Back To My Shit” featuring Frank Nitt. Without doubt one of the funkiest tracks I’ve heard this year. Potatohead People are a collaboration between Vancouver’s Nick Wisdom and Toronto’s AstroLogical and, with help from Frank Nitt, released the superb …

R&B Soul Video

RKZ's February Sessions (Episode 1)

RKZ - February Sessions (Episode 1)

RKZ has kindly provided us with some “making of” footage of his session with Gifted The Great. Do these guys ever stop working?* As part of RKZTV, RKZ has uploaded his first episode of “February Sessions”, which was filmed all through this week at Gifted’s studio. It shows the pair hard at work, getting tracks …


VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice feat. Drake


Some deep visuals have been released for Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice video. Street scenes are commonplace within hip hop videos but lately, they’ve become a lot more abstract; Flying Lotus’ short film being a case in point. Whether Kendrick Lamar took a cue from that, he’s taken it a step further with the story. The …


ONE TO WATCH: Hominidae


If atmospheric sampling and instrumentation is what you’re into, you better keep tabs on our One To Watch, Hominidae. Hominidae (stylised Hominidæ) is a producer from Raleigh, North Carolina. His spacious beats are sprinkled with crackling nuances, drum compression of varying intensity and an overall chilled out nature. In fact, nature is the perfect word to describe …

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Flamingosis - Reworks

Flamingosis - Reworks

Coming from Jersey, USA, Flamingosis releases his debute album on new label Em La La Terra. Samples are our flesh and blood so we’ll lap up albums featuring them. Emerging label/collective Em La La Terra only launched on Valentine’s Day and they already have an album in their catalogue from Flamingosis. Entitled Reworks, the name …