FREE DOWNLOAD: Pragmatic Theory – Euphonic Elements

Euphonic Elements: the best anyone can get.
Euphonic Elements: the best anyone can get.

Pragmatic Theory is an absolute problem.  Ever since I copped the Summer In The City mixtape (the first PT album I ever listened to), I’ve been hooked on their compilations ever since.  Now Euphonic Elements is upon us and once again, Pragmatic Theory have provided another brilliant & carefully curated soundtrack.

There are many hip-hop inspired adjectives at my disposal that I could use to describe this album: wavy, bangin’, dope, ‘NAAAAH SON!’ et al.  I’m sure there’s more to go ’round but I’ll just stick with a bog-standard Oxford English one and say that Euphonic Elements is stupendous.  The gang’s all here, as well: Kalligraph E, Languid, Artonius, ILLingsworth, Rez, Broke, Repeat Pattern, and many more.  In keeping with the ‘spoil you rotten’ theme today, you can haz all this hip-hop magnificence for absolutely nothing.  Yessuh, you heard right. It’s a free album.  I highly recommend and adore the Pragmatic Theory albums.  They are without question one of the best hip-hop compilation album series around.  Stream it below and cop it by clicking the album art at the top.

Enough talk.  Get listening and have that neck brace with you for the entire duration of this album.  You’re going to need it.

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