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Ralph Rip Shit & 12 Original Players - Kapish

Over to AmsterDAYUM now to kick it with your boy Ralph Rip Shit & UK producer extraordinaire 12 Original Players. Their collaborative effort, entitled Kapish, is flat-out dope as hell. Seriously. Listen to this shit right now.

There is an understated yet undeniable magic where Dutch and UK hip-hop is concerned. Emcee Ralph Rip Shit goes in harder than nails over the UK producer 12 Original Players beat to bring us all “Kapish”, a bonafide throwback to that mythical time when hip-hop kept is fresh and real. If the funky bass line doesn’t grab you, the strings and subtle piano will. Kapish is an incredible track and the best part? You can have all this fresh-to-deathness for the low price of £Free.99. Yep. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

Stream Kapish on SoundCloud.

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