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FREE DOWNLOAD: Pragmatic Theory Present Cor Stidak & Keor Meteor - Widespread Irregularity

Pragmatic Theory present a collab between French producer Keor Meteor and Cor Stidak, an emcee from Virginia.


A collaboration that started in 2011 has blossomed into something wonderful. Keor Meteor and Cor Stidak came together through mutual acknowledgement of each other’s work on Soundcloud and soon, it became a fully fledged release, in conjunction with Pragmatic Theory and Rhythm22. The EP, Widespread Irregularity, sees the pair concocting soulful chops from Keor and gruff verbals from Cor Stidak. There’s definitely a street feel to this one, a throwback to older days of hip hop, especially with the DJ cuts.

Stream/download it below.

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