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HOW DID I MISS THAT: Pyramid Vritra – Indra

Pyramid Vritra - Indra

Ancient hip hop waves are radiating from Stones Throw and the source went undetected until now. Meet Pyramid Vritra and his latest album, Indra.

Monikers steeped in mythical or religious tradition are fascinating to delve into and Pyramid Vritra’s name is no exception. Vritra (meaning “the enveloper” in Marathi) is a power-seeking deity/dragon/serpent from a early Indian religion known as Vedism and the translation of his name suits PV’s style to a tee. Before he took on the visage of a god, 22 year-old Pyramid Vritra was making beats from as early as ten years old. He created a hip hop collective during his time in high school in Atlanta and a connection with Matt Martians of Odd Future later formed The Super 3 production group and the Jet Age of Tomorrow. According to his bio on Stones Throw, PV works as a forklift driver in South LA which seems like a punitive duty for a man who regales himself in the mythology of ancient civilisations but needs must and Stones Throw has acted as the perfect outlet for his artistic expression.

The contradicting title for Pyramid’s album, Indra (in Vedism, Vritra is heroically slain by Indra), fits the opposing forces of his work life and musical role. The project opens with “Vanessa Hill” a clashing introduction in an unusual 6/4 timing and the ethereal synth work continues as his lyrics enter and mutate the soundwaves. Structure is a relative concept for Pyramid Vritra as he traverses each track like a man on a raft. There are elements of 80s P-funk (that P could easily stand for Prince too), new age R&B and trap; a cognitive mix of ancient and futuristic ideas. In all honesty, Indra needs less explanation and more listening so do that as soon as possible.

Stream it below.