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Review: Laura Wolfie – 7DS

Laura Wolfie - 7DS

The UK is becoming a melting-pot for incredibly soulful, innovative British musicians. With Laura Wolfie and her 7DS EP, she seems to be another perfect example.

Concept projects seem to be all the rage at the moment and with ‘the seven deadly sins’ in particular being absolutely done to death, Wolfie really needed to knock this out the park. Fortunately for her, her originality coupled with incredible production and THAT voice, makes Laura Wolfie one of the most intriguing artists I’ve heard in a long time.

Remember the 7 Deadly Sins shoot on America’s Next Top Model a few years back? Well, this should’ve been the soundtrack for it. The 7-track EP kicks off with Luxuria (or Lust in layman’s terms). Wolfie’s vocal has depth and sharpness – reminiscent of Nylo/Maryann Vasquez – whilst hats are well-and-truly tipped to Craig Viera for the production. Gula (Gluttony) follows and as expected, it’s full of food-related, tongue-in-cheek innuendo. I mean, “it’s finger lickin’ good when he play with me”. Aaaaow.

Avaritia (Greed) is one for the guys, in as much as she REALLY sounds like she’s talking about you. Essentially, if any of you are currently crushing on her, make this your ring tone. Track 4 is the !ntalekt-produced Socordia (Sloth): a 40-sounding record that allows Wolfie to exhale, “I miss my brother now he’s back in pen, give a fuck what he’s done, he’s my brother so I’m backing him. And I pray that he never hits that trap again, ’cause I swear that if he did I’ll be clappin’ him.” being my favourite lyric.

Speaking of lyrics, Ira (Wrath) needs a guest verse from ScHoolBoy Q. Immediately.

We near the end, but it’s far from over. The EP introduces us to Invidia (Envy), highlighting her vocal range in the process. It’s dreamy, full of harmonies and she turns hood AF in the hook. What more would you even want? We get a proper taste of her multi-faceted skillset in Superbia (Pride). A fitting name, too. It’s a consistent-sounding EP and one to be proud of. But I guess that’s not a good thing considering the context n’ all? Whatever.

In conclusion (GCSE English proved useful after all), it’s well worth a listen. Ideally whilst doing something you shouldn’t really be doing.


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