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The Auracle - Brightness

Sampleface’s The Auracle gets deep in the house rhythms for new track Brightness.

There’s no mistaking electronic music’s immense influence on the mainstream over the past few decades and while EDM is every pop artist’s favourite acronym, a lot of it is pretty derivative. However, that’s not the case for The Auracle who has decided to delve into the world of deep house for new track Brightness. As his SoundCloud description explains, this is his first attempt at a house tune and without sounding biased, it’s a fantastic effort. Taking chops from previously released mineEYESdidSEE, The Auracle weaves a euphoric trip back to the 90s when, coincidentally, the sampled artist was enjoying her heyday as part of Everything But The Girl. Maybe if this was released back then, it could have been an official remix.

Stream it on SoundCloud.

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