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VIDEO: Sampleface x Starchild – MPC Set


Here’s exclusive footage of Sampleface’s Starchild at his first ever MPC set.

It feels a little weird talking about myself in relation to Sampleface, but I’ll try and remain impartial to my phenomenal skills (just kidding). Apart from being the editor in chief here, I also produce under the name of Starchild. Having started back in 2010, it’s been a fantastic ride these past three years and all that hard work culminated in my first ever set at Edge in Luton, in conjunction with Plenty Vibes and Dark Party. I was apprehensive at first as to what I’d use to perform and how I’d actually go about the whole process. Eventually, I decided on using my trusty old MPC1000 alongside some tracks set up on Logic Pro. I mixed up the track selections – half mine, half from my favourite artists – and had a whale of a time. The footage was captured by our very own RKZ and for a few seconds near the end, you’ll find another Sampleface alumnus but we’ll let you watch to find out who.

Stream it below.