Sampling Inspiration: Radiooooo


Discover music from around the world and back in time with Radiooooo, the shiny new tool in our sampling toolbox.


We’ve talked about internet radios, spot-digging, and lots of e-digging for sampling inspiration. But yesterday I was put onto a new place for potential samples and it’s called Radiooooo.

According to its site, Radiooooo started in 2013, “dreamt up by a little family of friends, both djs and music lovers, who decided to share their record collections and the fruit of many years of research, for all to enjoy.” You get a world map and a timeline and you basically choose a country, set the decade, and you get music from that country and era.

But the pièce de résistance is the three buttons at the top of the screen: Slow, Fast, and Weird. Slow gives you chilled out music, Fast gives you must to make you dance, and Weird is for “bugging out”. I tried Weird in the 60s and got Consciousness of Happening by The Sepharims (instant sampleface), although it clicked over to the 70s and played A Horse with No Name by America which slaps but I wouldn’t call it “weird”.

There’s also a way to contribute by submitting music for review. Criteria for selection includes:

  • Pick your favourite pieces of music rather than sending all tracks of an album.
  • The quality of the audio file is taken into account when selecting the songs. Of course, we are mindful of the recording conditions according to the era.
  • Pieces of music that are very long are less likely to be selected.
  • In order to create a good balance, music that comes from countries or decades with little representation or from a small production will be more likely to be selected.

There’s plenty more to explore with Radiooooo so check it out and let us know what you think.

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