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Scott Xylo – Bang Babies

Leicester based producer Scott Xylo serves up a cut from his forthcoming EP, ‘2003//Heero Scott’.

Music is an intriguing thing, often evoking certain emotions and memories within us. Bang Babies, Scott Xylo’s latest instrumental offering certainly accomplishes this, with its clever use of vocal samples from Static Shock providing me with a potent dose of nostalgia. Xylo is an accomplished beatsmith, and his heady concoction of polyphonic synths, hard-hitting unquantised drums and the aforementioned samples, transported me back to a time in my youth when I would waste the day away by sitting in front of the goggle-box watching copious amounts of Static Shock and other cartoons on Toonami.

You can stream the instrumental from the link below.

EDIT: Sadly, the song was taken down.

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