Written by 9:00 pm Hip Hop, Jazz

Wodoo Wolcan – Keep Your Eyes Open


The place is Zurich, Switzerland.  The person in question is beatsmith Wodoo Wolcan.  What you are about to witness is an education in how to teach an old dog a brand new trick.

Wodoo Wolcan is a brilliant producer but he might actually be a sorcerer, for all we know.  How else can you explain his uncanny knack for completely reviving a classic Mobb Deep track that has been dissected more than the common animals during biology coursework at schools?  That Mobb Deep track in question is Shook Ones Part II, undoubtedly one of the greatest hip-hop tracks of all time.  Keep Your Eyes Open takes a different approach altogether as Wodoo Wolcan opts for the smooth and low-key by slowing the track down considerably but simultaneously keeping it swinging like a pendulum on a grandfather clock.  The beautifully slightly off-centre jazz-influenced Rhodes piano sample and the buttery smooth acoustic bass keeps things cohesive and makes for a positively gorgeous backdrop.  Wodoo Wolcan then fades out and quickly comes back with the change-up: same instruments but shifted to give a different feel but keeps the same awesome vibe going.  Out of all the remixes for Shook Ones Part II, I think I might have stumbled upon the best one ever.  You’ve got to listen to this. Today. Now. Right now.

Stream “Keep Your Eyes Open” below.