Stan Forebee – Release of the Unreleased

Aussie producer Stan Forebee releases the unreleased with… Release of the Unreleased. Having dropped one unreleased song every month, Stan Forebee decided to put them all together and stick them on Bandcamp. How thoughtful. Morning Coffee opens the project softly with a basic piano riff/beat combination, interjected with some guitar licks for good measure. Switch […]

axion117 – Sketches

axion117 - Sketches

Japanese producer axion117 gives us some Sketches for his new album. Looking for some albums from this year, I spotted this gem on Bandcamp. axion117 aka Shuya Sato is a Japanese producer and his latest album, Sketches, is fantastic. Sharp chops of pitched down 80s funk records are his MO and he executes this with […]

Dodie Manta – Fragmented Memories

Fragmented Memories by Dodie Manta

Leo & Pipo Music’s Dodie Manta releases new album Fragmented Memories. Genres deserve to have their boundaries stretched, broken, and otherwise removed. Influencers become the influenced and vice versa. Dodie Manta had those ideas in mind with Fragmented Memories, his newest album for Leo & Pipo Music. There’s something very eerie and foreboding about the […]

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan – Field Research Malaysia

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan - Field Research Malaysia

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan brings back audible fruits from the Far East on “Field Research Malaysia”. A journey through sound and record vendors in the Southeastern Asia has culminated in this: Field Research Malaysia. Malik Abdul-Rahmaan amassed over 100 records during a trip to Malaysia. Everything from local folk to funk, rock, and Bollywood from the area laid […]

Tesk – Spotless Minds

German producer Tesk fills our Spotless Minds with some super smooth chillhop. You want to make a good impression with your debut but leave enough to improve on the next one. Tesk has bridge that gap between spectacle and room for growth with Spotless Minds. The album features 14 of the smoothest jazz hop tracks […]

Al Massrieen – Modern Music

Jakarta release their 7th Habibi Funk album from an Egyptian band. Heavily encouraged by Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz, Hany Shenoda fathered Al Massrieen as a way of modernising Egyptian music. His influence helped increase their popularity in Egypt in the 1970s. The music has aged but it still twinkles with an air of happiness. […]

Ed Motta – City Pop Vol. 2

Ed Motta - City Pop Vol. 2

Brazilian musician Ed Motta compiles a mix of cool Japanese “City Pop”. Japanese representations of Western music always add a new edge and come out sounding better in ways. City Pop is musical menagerie of styles, taking from J-Pop, soft rock, AOR, and bits of funk and boogie. Ed Motta compiled a fine mix showcasing […]