• Electronic
  • SONG FOR SUNDAY #102: Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda – Why Look Back?


    Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda’s “Why Look Back?” is our Song for Sunday. The clocks have gone forward which means we’re creeping towards summer. That also means the folks down in Australia are inching ever closer to their winter. But that hasn’t stopped Aussie keyboardist Harvey Sutherland and his band Bermuda from salvaging the last of […]

  • Hip Hop
  • Vanilla – Moonlight

    Two years after “Origin”, Vanilla is back with brand new album “Moonlight”. Unlike many of his peers, Vanilla likes to bide his time and release jam-packed projects when he’s ready. That’s how we got albums like High Life, Soft Focus, For What It’s Worth, Sweet Talk and Origin. The gap between each has been a […]

  • Jazz
  • Altered Tones – Moon Grass

    Canadian jazz fusion band Altered Tones drop their debut, Moon Grass. I managed to work through 18 jazz albums last year, which was a record for me. I’m currently on 2 so far this year and Altered Tones’ Moon Grass is one of them. The Montreal fusion band formed in 2004 and their debut acts as a primer for […]

  • Hip Hop
  • b0nds – lo0pholes vol. 1

    lo0pholes vol. 1

    b0nds finds some lo0pholes with this latest EP. I don’t know how many times I’ve used the word “vibe” to describe the feeling of a song or album but it just seems to fit. Minimal vocabularies aside, b0nds’ lo0pholes vol. 1 really does capture a vibe – just under 10 minutes of lo-fi summery-type goodness, […]

  • Hip Hop
  • Jonwayne – Rap Album Two

    Jonwayne returns with his latest album, Rap Album Two. We’re so happy to see Jonwayne back on the beats and the rhymes with Rap Album Two. The LA rapper is on point from start to finish, with thought provoking lyricism and the quintessential Jonwayne beat aesthetic to carry their meaning. No topical stone goes unturned, […]