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  • Review: v7v7v7 – The House Next Door

    The House Next Door - v7v7v7

    We reviewed v7v7v7’s The House Next Door. The definition of music today is less concrete than ever before. Shoegaze, cloud rap, trip hop, dark ambient, simpsonswave – these are all words I’ve been told aren’t Allied codenames for the Normandy beaches on D-Day but genres of music. Rather than learn the intricacies of each genre, I’ve […]

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  • SONG FOR SUNDAY #102: Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda – Why Look Back?


    Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda’s “Why Look Back?” is our Song for Sunday. The clocks have gone forward which means we’re creeping towards summer. That also means the folks down in Australia are inching ever closer to their winter. But that hasn’t stopped Aussie keyboardist Harvey Sutherland and his band Bermuda from salvaging the last of […]

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  • Becoming Phill – Electrum

    Namibian producer Becoming Phill gets funky with his latest album, Electrum. Becoming Phill is a multi-talented producer from southern African country of Namibia and after an illustrious career spanning over 10 years, his latest album, “Electrum”, takes him on an electro funk odyssey. It features vocals from Namibian singers Shishani and Dantago, and guitar play […]