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Bastien Grine - Where R U?

Something a little different – German producer Bastien Grine blows off the cobwebs and re-releases his classic number, “Where R U?”


It’s evident our main focus, genre-wise, is hip hop as that’s where the majority of sampling can be found. But with so many styles of music intertwining in the past and the present, we like to shine some light in places we overlook. Techno is certainly a path rarely walked by us and with the likes of Waajeed, Theo Parrish and Black Milk dipping in (spotting a Detroit trend?), we’re fixing that.

Taking that on board, we found this amongst the metaphorical jungle that is our submissions inbox and it comes from German techno man Bastien Grine. “Where R U?” is in fact a re-release from 2006 but we weren’t around for the original drop so we’ll give ourselves a pass for that. It’s raw and minimal; nothing more than 808s and distortion in way of composition and aesthetics but it’s the syncopation and dance-floor thump that really sells it. 10 years on and it doesn’t feel dated. To add some extra flavour, French duo Cosmic Boys have also thrown in a remix with a more elaborate techno house feel.

Stream them both below.

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