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Constrobuz - Good To You

We’ve told you about Constrobuz’ beats before but we didn’t tell you about this one. Consistency is probably the Raleigh, N.C. native’s strongest trait and this latest flip of Quincy Jones’/Ray Charles’/Chaka Khan’s I’ll Be Good To You is proof of that.

Good To You is straight up-and-down fantastic.  If the swing from the drums don’t get you whippin’ your hair back and forth like Willow Smith, the brilliantly executed electric guitar loops and the smooth bassline will certainly get you grooving in style.  It’s clear Constrobuz hasn’t let up off the accelerator since we last featured him in our One To Watch segment and this pleases us greatly.  Get streaming/dancing/wylin’ out below and be sure to pick up his thoroughly brilliant album The Great Struggle via the link provided.

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