Written by Luke Alex Davis 10:21 pm Hip Hop

Doc Heller – Totally Nonlethal, But Totally Effective


The man of many alter egos, Doc Heller, has returned with a new remix tape.

It’s hard to keep track of Doc Heller or DarkoTheSuperDwarf NebulaDarkoTheMastermind, Roger Rabbit(?). Okay, that last one isn’t true but one thing that isn’t a joke is Doc Heller’s brand new remix tape “Totally Nonlethal, But Totally Effective”. Featuring 16 tracks of hard knocking hip hop action, Doc has put together some masterful accapellas with the beats including the likes of Nas, J Dilla, Raekwon, Quasimoto and plenty more. What’s more, you can purchase this remix tape on an actual tape through DigDugDIY, but hurry as it’s limited edition.

Stream it below.