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exibeo - extrumentals

Check out the latest album UK producer Exibeo and his beat tape Extrumentals.

We get a lot of submissions daily and we do our best to get through them all but one thing I’ve noticed is the number of UK producers that send beat tapes through and they’re all of a high calibre. Exibeo is no exception.

Born Luke Fitzpatrick, the 17-year old producer’s influences aren’t surprising for a producer: DJ Premier, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Black Milk and others but that’s not to say his sound is stale – far from it. Extrumentals is a culmination of twenty tracks he has produced over the last year and they’re pretty damn good.

For me, this is what the essence of a beat tape is all about – the rough hard quality of the drums over a sample you do as much as you can with to make the whole thing fit like a jigsaw.

Exibeo is certainly a fan of filtering (which clearly comes from his love of Dilla and Pete Rock) and that gives his tracks a dreamy feel, which is convenient as Dreaming is one of my favourites off the album.

Stream and download the album below.


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