Written by 7:50 pm Jazz

Nostalgia 77 – An Angel With No Halo


UK producer and bandleader Nostalgia 77 sets a hazy mood with help from German singer Josa Peit on “An Angel With No Halo”.

Tru Thoughts are renowned for finding the best in “left field” UK talent; the kinds of musicians you won’t find on Top Of The Pops but would still sell out every venue they perform in. Musicians such as Quantic, Bonobo, Omar and Zed Bias have released fantastic albums with the Brighton-based label and Nostalgia 77 has continued that trend with four fantastic albums so far. His fifth, A Journey Too Far, will be out next year and in promotion for that, he’s dropped a new single called “An Angel With No Halo”. Featuring husky soulful vocals from Josa Peit, Nostalgia 77 blends some Motown-esque instrumentation with smoky psychedelic effects to give an audible warmth.

Stream it below alongside the Prince Fatty dub remix and stream the video on YouTube.