Ohbliv x the art of rəuse – SUNDAY


What happens when the art of rəuse calls up Richmond, Virginia’s Ohbliv to do a mix for them?  Magical things like pots of gold, rainbows, and unicorns.  Yep.  It’s like that.

Ohbliv is no Troy McGlure but you may remember him from such memorable joints like foreverpayingdues, post, and most recently Koolout Ish.  The Richmond beat maestro is insanely talented and judging by this latest mix via the art of rəuse, we reckon Ohbliv knows a thing or two about jazz breaks.  This mix titled SUNDAY is essential, people: forty-five minutes of beautiful jazz and even some familiar jazzy beats thrown into the mix.  If there were a standout moment, I’d give the nod to the original work that Madlib flipped for that track on that album.  Trust me: when you hear it, you’ll know. 🙂  This mix is brilliant and something you should definitely considering bumping as you reach for that bottle of your favourite tipple.  the art of rəuse certainly know awesome producers and tapping up Ohbliv was a very good look.

Stream SUNDAY below:

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