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Finnish producer MNSTRMKK is our One To Watch.

I check my Soundcloud account every so often to find new music and see if anyone has followed me (indulgent, I know). It just so happened someone had followed me but upon further inspection, it was clear their music more than worthy of a spot on Sampleface. The artist in question is called MNSTRMKK and he comes from Finland, an area of the world not known for its thumping hip hop. As underground hip hop’s sect of heavy compression continues to grow, MNSTRMKK stand outs with his ability to add unique musical nuances to the fuggy samples he manipulates. It’s evident from his profile picture that he owns a Microkorg and even more so on tracks like ForCloud&Co and GhostTown, containing beautiful lush pads and intermittent sounds.

Stream his Soundcloud collection below and follow him on Instagram.