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ONE TO WATCH: Haze Beatz

Sampleface - Haze Beatz

Haze Beatz is our One To Watch bringing us some dope hydroponic-boom-bap-sonics.

The self proclaimed “sample excavating, pad bashing, gangster of love” and Bedford resident Haze Beatz has only been making music for a few years but he’s no stranger to the pursuit of that rare “perfect break”. Haze fell in love with golden age boom bap at a young age but only considered making music for himself in recent years. Like most crate diggers, Haze Beatz spends a lot of time in record stores looking for untouched beat breaks to give his signature twist. You sense there’s some DJ Premier influences in his production as he pieces his breaks with well chosen samples, taking you from “Mother Earth” to the “Apex of Power” and transporting you through the voices in his head (while you’re nodding yours).

Haze has a great selection of vibes, moods and waves to jam to any day of the week. Listen to some below.