Scott Xylo – Genius + Soul = HipHop


Scott Xylo is back with his second instrumental mixtape dedicated to the late great Ray Charles.

We’ve enjoyed Scott Xylo’s work since we heard his debut instrumental tape Comic Book Genius vol 1 and we’re pleased to announce that the 18 year old producer has dropped his sophomore release called Genius + Soul = Hip Hop. As Xylo told us, this mixtape pushed him to do things he had never done previously by using Ray Charles’ 1961 album Genius + Soul = Jazz for all the samples and even managed to include two remixes from the LP. The tape starts off brilliantly with the funky afrobeat-styled “Ray Charles Brake” and the quality never relents. It’s a very cohesive mixtape and really shows Scott Xylo’s potential as a producer. I can easily hear some of these joints with some adverts (preferably without the need of any dancing ponies).

Don’t sleep and stream it below.

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