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The top 12 posts of 2023

Another quick glance at the most popular articles in 2023.

Back for a third year, I’ve compiled the top 12 posts published this year (see last year’s if you’re interested and 2021’s edition). I’m calling the cut off point here as one missed day isn’t gonna hurt. I’ve blogged less than last year (89 vs. 112) and the top 12 was decided by analytics data (shout out to Plausible).

Anyway, here are the top 12 posts of 2023:

  2. DOOM’s BISTRO: an illustrated MF DOOM cookbook
  3. Black Milk – .​.​.​.​.​.​. pt. 2
  4. Black Milk – Ain’t Nobody Coming Down to Save You
  5. Time Extension on why MiniDisc is still alive in 2023
  6. THROWBACK THURSDAY: George Michael’s Desert Island Discs (2007)
  7. What is a buisine?
  8. Black Milk – Is It Just Me?
  9. Knxwledge’s 家​.​V2, the follow-up to 家​.​V1, is another banging house album
  10. MiniDisc players? We’re going Bluetooth, baby!
  11. Marcus Miller and that slide on ‘Never Too Much’
  12. Is this the 20th sample in Daft Punk’s Face To Face?
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