The top 12 posts of 2022

Another quick glance at the most popular articles this year.

Back for a second year, I’ve compiled the top 12 posts published in 2022 (see last year’s if you’re interested). I’m calling the cut off point here as I’ll probably forget to do this on 31st. I’ve published slightly more this year but only by a dozen (112 vs. 100). Those high input days are long gone.

Here are the top 12 posts of 2022:

    1. The Sony WM-DD100 Boodo Khan
    2. Knxwledge dropped the hottest house album of the year (so far)
    3. New book ‘Dilla Time’ explores the life of J Dilla
    4. Coturn’s CT-01 portable turntable available for pre-order
    5. Billie Jean lyrics + AI generated images = kinda cool
    6. Prince Live at the Forum (2011)
    7. How Did I Miss That: MonoNeon x Reverend X
    8. Jay-Z’s Monster verse but arguably better?
    9. This fan-made Jamiroquai documentary chronicles the band’s journey
    10. A showcase of 8 amazing and intricate samples feat. J Dilla, Nujabes, and Madlib
    11. 3 playlists featuring Madlib’s Brazilian samples
    12. A research article on the influence of anime on grime music
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