Interview: Imperial

Imperial is the first guest in our new mini interview series. It’s difficult to find a balance between long form and short form writing. Long form is extensive but takes time to read. Short form is quick to absorb but might not offer as much in comparison. We’ll never cease long form content but we …


Interview: Aria Jay

We interviewed Aria Jay about her latest release, Growth. Pink isn’t at the top of my favourite colour list but it’s starting to grow on me thanks to Aria Jay. The pastel rose hues of her Instagram are a perfect accompaniment for a brilliant musician. Aside from her visual aesthetic, Aria is a beautiful vocalist …

Aria Jay

INTERVIEW: Taelor Headless

Ashton James Brown brings us an interview with Taelor Headless, the mastermind behind Headless Flywear. We first encountered Headless Flywear way back in February of 2014. While that may seem like a relatively short expanse of time, in this internet age where information is exchanged at breakneck speed, a little over two years is akin …

Taelor Headless

Interview: Sumochief

Ashton James Brown interviewed the exciting jazz/hip hop quartet Sumochief and discussed their origins, their thoughts regarding London’s vibrant music scene and how music technology is incorporated into their creative process. The UK hip hop scene has an abundance of talent when it comes to emcees and producers, however live hip hop bands are few …


Interview: Scott Xylo

Ashton James Brown caught up with intrepid beatsmith Scott Xylo and discussed his love of all things animated, his ideal music tech purchases and his latest project “2003 // HeERO Scott”. Leicester-based producer Scott Xylo’s vibrant brand of electronica infused “Boom Bap” and imaginative concept “Beat Tapes” make him one of the most intriguing talents …