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Leftover Links: Record Label Releases

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Leftover Links has returned after a lengthy hiatus with links from Illect Recordings and Jakarta Records.

It’s been 3.5 years since we last did an instalment of Leftover Links. As Soundcloud took down a lot of links featured in previous editions, we took a break. But now we’re back with some great links from our favourite record labels.

Illect Recordings

We kick things off with a few releases from Illect Recordings. James Gardin dropped a new single with label mate Ess Be on the beat. It’s called “Focus” and it sees Gardin address distracting habits.

A lot of times we look at bad habits solely on they hurt us, but what if they also hurt the world at large. I hope you all will be inspired by this song to reassess what holds your attention and time, and get refocused on what’s important.

“Focus” is also available on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify

And when you’re done, you can check out his video for his single, “Complaining”. The track features production from Young Heat and it’s become so popular, it was chosen as the theme song for ESPN’s First Take last December.

James Gardin - Complaining (music video)

Finally, a new Ozay Moore single. While it’s not on a project as yet, he felt compelled to release it which is generous of him. It’s called “Doin It” and production was handled by Freddie Joachim, so expect his signature soulful hip hop style on this one.

Jakarta Records

It’s been a minute since we last checked in with Jakarta and they’ve shown no signs of stopping. Their 8th upcoming Habibi Funk release will be “Muslims and Christians” by Sudanese musician Kamal Keila also known as the “James Brown or Fela Kuti of Sudan”. You can stream a couple of tracks from the album and hear the whole thing on 6th July when it drops.

Jakarta has also dropped their fourteenth dubplate, produced by Nanna.B. It’s an EP called Lapis, “dedicated to the divine feminine energy”. The Danish singer mixes sensuality with the worlds of R&B, electronica, and soul to create her heavenly music, which she calls Art’nB. The good news is Lapis is a prelude to a full-length album out this summer and it’ll feature some of LA’s most sought-after producers.

Butterfly Effect

This is a short but sweet entry for DIY label, Butterfly Effect. Ceiling Demons is a group we’ve featured before and they are releasing a special vinyl version of their latest record “Nil” on the 8th June. But what makes this extra special is all profits are going towards the mental health charity, Men Tell Health. A cut off the album, Without Certainty, is available to stream on Soundcloud and the album can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

That’s your lot for this edition of Leftover Links. We’re hoping to make this more regular now so stay tuned for another one soon!

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