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Noname - Song 33

Noname addresses the deaths of Oluwatoyin Salau, George Floyd, Black trans women, and J Cole’s foolishness on “Song 33”.

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Starchildluke - VENOMTAPE

The UK producer drops the second album from his #Road2Switch series. We covered Starchildluke’s last album, Boas Festas, when it came out for Christmas. His aim was to release one album a month in 2019 for his #Road2Switch series, a fund created to buy a Nintendo Switch. January’s album is called VENOMTAPE and uses a …


RKZ - Impossible feat. Sonni Mai

The RKZ/Handbook partnership serves up an “Impossible” delight with guest vocalist Sonni Mai. Understated imagery is a beautiful art form. The concept fuelled decades of art in the mid-20th century and minimalism is all the rage today. When RKZ and Handbook weave their musical threads, the finished product is indicative of that style. But with added …